I really am too easily bored

In a war of ideals, it is not the angry mob holding pitchforks that is the most dangerous. It is the player who lurks in broad daylight holding a mask of civility but acts wholeheartedly against the progression of rights. Activists are, by nature, passionate people. They are not tacticians or schemers. Few are adequately equipped to take on vehemence and plots. 

Was setting up my email accounts on my new laptop when I saw the e-mails from my VJC mail account. Reminded of how much I hated school lol.

1) Your job, duties and obligations are none of my concern. If you’re out to make your own life difficult, don’t rope me in as well.

2) School is for learning, but instead it’s become a convoluted mess. So much for helping students achieve their potential.

3) When I say I don’t care, I don’t mean “please run towards me with open arms”. I mean stay away.

4) I hate bureaucracy, especially when it’s weighed unto my aching shoulders.

5) My intelligence does not exist to make anybody’s life more convenient for free.

- Now, remember, do not hold your breath when the nanoscaler engages. You’ll feel like you want to, but you must keep breathing normally during the miniaturisation process.

- Why?