I really am too easily bored

Conversations with my Portuguese private tour guide/driver

  • Guide: We as a people are quite conservative. We don't get many weird circus acts here in Portugal.
  • Me: Oh you see many weird acts in London.
  • Guide: There are many circuses in London?
  • Me: Don't need to go to a circus to meet weirdos when you're in London.
  • //
  • Guide: (excitedly) My favorite ride of all time was my Harley-Davidson. But now I drive a Polo.
  • Me: What happened to the Harley?
  • Guide: (silence)
  • Me: You sold it when your daughter was born didn't you.
  • Guide: *nods sadly*
  • Me: You poor, poor thing.

Off to London in less than 48 hours. Many things I didn’t manage to get around doing before I leave, but forget it. Not a loss.

It’s like a puzzle to me. And I fucking love puzzles.